World Para Dance Sport have announced a partnership with costume maker DSI London, which will enable their athletes to secure discounts.



Under the terms of the partnership, dancers will be able to secure a discount of 10 per cent on clothes, shoes, fabrics, crystals and accessories from their online shop.



“We are very pleased to be working with DSI London to offer athletes the chance to access their incredible products at a discount,” said Camila Rodrigues, World Para Dance Sport manager.



“We know that what dancers wear are very important for them to perform at their best and that can be very costly.



“I would like to thank Gerald Schwanzer and his team for offering this support to teams as well as the promotional activities they will undertake to spread the word about this growing sport.”



The partnership will also see DSI London will promote wheelchair dance sport on their website and on their channel DSI.TV.



They will also look to promote the sport through brochures, as well as at exhibitions.



The company are world-renowned within dance circles for producing the highest quality garments and accessories, while they provide dresses for British television show Strictly Come Dancing.

The partnership comes ahead of the 2017 season getting underway ©World Para Dance Sport
The partnership comes ahead of the 2017 season getting underway ©World Para Dance Sport




“As an ex-competitive dancer I remain passionate to support any form of dance, and hence I am delighted to be in a position to promote Para dance sport through our website and our DSI.TV online video channel,” said Schwanzer, DSI London managing director.



“We also hope that providing a discount on all our products for Para dancers is helpful.”



The partnership comes ahead of the start of the 2017 season.

Key competitions will take place in Cujik, the Netherlands from April 15 to 16, as well as in Lomianki, Poland from May 19 and 20.



Frankfurt in Germany will hold a competition from June 17 to 18.

The events will build-up to the World Championships, which will take place in Malle, Belgium from October 21 to 22.




Source: Inside the games.

By: Michael Pavitt