An award winning dance and exercise teacher from Stourport proved no match for a Kidderminster HCW wrestling champion in rehearsals for a show this week.

Elaine Ball, who recently won the UnSung Hero award for the district in a national competition, runs a theatre company with her daughter Ellie Mouzer. The cast are in rehearsal for their forthcoming show ‘Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

Tom Farley, who plays the title role of Joseph and Elaine were rehearsing a scene when Tom, not realising his strength, pushed Elaine a little too enthusiastically and sent Elaine flying which ended up in a trip to A and E and a fractured vertebrae.

Elaine said “ it was totally an accident and as Roy Hodgson said recently, these things happen! Tom was so into his part that he put his heart and soul into the rehearsal. The medical staff at Worcester were intrigued by the story and I guess you can say I really put my back into proceedings. Tom has become very strong so other HCW wrestlers need to take note when Tommy (Turbo) Davis is in the ring”.

Trouper through and through, the show must and will go on and both actors were back in rehearsal Thursday at Kidderminster Town Hall, Elaine with a heat pack and Tom with his coat of many colours.

Wheely Different has been given special permission to perform the show as part of Kidderminster Arts Festival in recognition of their work in the community with adults who have disabilities..


Tom Farley as Joseph with his coat of many colours, designed by Kerri Lammas with all of WDTC and made by Torie Fletcher as part of an arts project.