The WDSA (UK) have announced a partnership with BlueAssist UK, a charity looking to break down communication to make it easier for someone who may find it difficult.


The two charities came together at Naidex 2017, of which they are both partners, and have since discussed future projects together. Including training up WDSA (UK) instructors about the BlueAssist’s ‘Dare to Connect’ system which includes a written card and a mobile app. This enables anyone to communicate clearly by showing a message for assistance or any message to whoever they are with.

This will hold benefit to the WDSA (UK)’s local instructors and their groups if someone needs assistance and is not yet comfortable with the group socially. People can also use the app or written cards to help buy tickets to somewhere new, if you are lost or purchasing coffees in a café. The possibilities are endless.

Marketing and Media Officer at the WDSA (UK), Iain Richards said, “This partnership holds great value for inclusive dance. Raising awareness of this charity will help more people be able to come out and enjoy all the benefits of our classes. I look forward to working closely with BlueAssist UK.”

Eleanor Dewar of Blue Assist UK said, “We at BlueAssist are delighted to be working with Wheelchair Dance Sport Association UK. By working together we want to support everyone to dare to connect and access their community – Everyone can dance.”

You can follow both BlueAssist UK and WDSA (UK) on Twitter to find out the latest updates on the partnership.