Instructor Affiliation

Following successful completion of a Para Dance UK training course, your first year of affiliation is free.

Your affiliation with us comes with support to develop your professional practice as well as guidance to set up groups and run sessions within your community under Para Dance UK ethos and ethics.

Your affiliation includes:

  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Access to a wealth of online governance and CPD opportunities  
  • First notification of Para Dance UK competitions
  • Discounts for additional Inclusive Dance and Para Dance Sport training opportunities.
  • Discounts for Para Dance UK branded clothing and other items* (as available).
  • Instructor newsletters and networking opportunities
  • Para Dance UK advice and support

Any special circumstances can be discussed with the Team at Head Office, contact the 

Contracted Opportunities 

If you would like to deliver work on our behalf, you first need to have completed our training and have an active affiliation.  You can then sign up as a Para Dance UK contractor.

As with all Charities, Para Dance UK is dependent on income from a range of sources including grants, commercial activity and sponsorship.

This means that we are able to provide opportunities for our contractors to deliver Para Dance UK sessions to a wide variety of disabled people across pre-recorded, live remote and face to face sessions.  We are committed to ensure that #Everyone Can Dance

Contractor Sign Up

To sign up as a Para Dance UK contractor on confirmation of your affiliation, please complete and return the Contracted Instructor Application Form and Independent Contractor Agreement to 

If you were previously an affiliated instructor and would like to renew your affiliation with Para Dance UK please download and complete your renewal form alongside your Contractor Application and Agreement.

Please also read and familiarise yourself with our Development and Delivery Guides.

Please submit a sample video, with you instructing an Inclusive Dance or Para Dance Sport session. This should be exactly as you would deliver and can be focused at the camera.  You should be in shot at all times and the video and audio should be good quality.  A mobile phone or camera is fine, but please don’t use zoom or other meeting recordings.  The choreography and delivery must be your own work.  

Please email your pre-recorded videos via a transfer link. Please save the video file as your name, so we know who it belongs to! 

If the upload doesn't work, it might be that your G Drive capacity is full, therefore please send the video link using We-Transfer." Please email to let us know you have uploaded a video.


Once you have been confirmed as a Contractor, you can start to develop your recorded or live content.

You can choose any genre, be seated or standing, and may be targeted at a specific sector of the disabled community. You might like to send in a small sample of a pre-recorded session that we can offer you feedback and advice on before you record and submit longer videos.

Based on the requirements and suitability of our current projects, we may or may not use your video immediately. But your video could be used at a later date if all parameters match what we need. If we do intend to use /release your video, we would purchase the same from you by making a one-off payment with rates to be discussed. 

Please read the Development and Delivery Guidelines document which can be found in the file section of the Para Dance UK Instructor Facebook Group or email  for a copy.

Live/Zoom Sessions

We often have opportunities available to deliver live sessions, and we may offer these projects or one off options to you  Exact details will be provided when an opportunity is sent out. 

Face to Face

We often have face to face opportunities for delivery. We will always aim to use a local contractor wherever possible.