Tour of the Floor Launch!


Thanks to the government’s #CultureRecoveryFund we can continue to be #HereForCulture. Para Dance UK are thrilled to be launching a new programme, especially designed for social dancers, on getting back into inclusive dance. Tour Of The Floor will let you explore different dance genres from all over the world and will help get you dancing again in a fun and safe way.HereForCulture logo Black 537x500 1

The super flexible programme is made up of different mini-courses with videos for you to join in with. These videos are full sessions in different genres and all have a warm up, routine and cool down. You can do these videos over and over again if you like!

You can also get creative with Tour Of The Floor with the downloadable resources, by making your own passport with all the stamps relating to the different dance session videos! You might want to build your own dance calendar to give yourself sessions to look forward to, or keep a journal on your journey back into dance.

And it doesn’t stop there! There will also be a course for kids and a fun Body and Mind Fitness course being added to the programme too!

Course 1 is your Introduction and Course 2 is the Around The World Tour and these will be launched together to start you off. Tour Of The Floor is an evolving programme, which means courses will be released gradually and additional courses and videos will be added in the future. How exciting?!

Plus, upon completion, you’ll be awarded with a certificate! I can hear you ask “So, when is Tour Of The Floor being launched? How do I sign up? And where does the magic happen?”


To sign up
Litmos is our online e-learning platform where Tour Of The Floor will live and be accessed from.

To sign up for this amazing opportunity, please email with your name and the email address you’d like to use for your Litmos account. We’ll reply to your email with a confirmation and we will attach our helpful Litmos user guide and an outline of what you’ll need to access the programme.

If you’re an athlete and currently use Litmos to access our competitor programme Fit For The Floor, please email us, as we’ll need to manually add you to the Tour Of The Floor programme.

To make sure you don’t miss your Litmos log in emails and any course related messages, go to your email account and add to any email spam filters you have and/or your contacts list, as all communications will come from that email address.

Tour Of The Floor Course 1 and 2 will be unlocked

for you to access and start your virtual travels

on Friday 23rd April

at 10 am.

Don’t worry if you sign up after that, you can still join Tour Of the Floor after the 23rd April!

We hope you’re as super excited as we are and that you can’t wait to start! Sign up now and let the countdown begin!

Para Dance UK