SMART Accessibility – Route4u Need Your Help!

Route4u are a team developing the world’s first wheelchair navigation application to make life easier for those living with disabilities, by helping cities create detailed maps of accessibility of their sidewalks, crossing and to various amenities like ATMs, cafes and shops. The first pilot is being carried out in Portsmouth, UK. They will  soon be finishing the mapping of the trial area  and you can have a look at the current status here:

Right-click the map to plan an accessible route from A to B, or click on the grey circles (they are POIs) to assess their accessibility. Alternatively, you can also download the iOS app (Route4u) for more features and a much better user experience from:

It is hoped that it will eventually go UK wide with accessible maps.

Route4u are now calling all disabled residents in Portsmouth who would be interested in helping with mapping in regards to some areas of the mapped zones as follows:

  1. Is there a pedestrian path connecting Anglesea Road and Guildhall Square? (behind King Henry Building and Park Building?)
  2. Is the path from Guildhall Square to Victoria Park shown correctly on the map?
  3. Surface smoothness of Commercial Road, do you agree it’s convenient “green”?
  4. We love short routes! Do you? Are there any accessible arcades or other shortcuts that are not yet featured on the map of the surveyed area?
  5. You can show us your preferred routes (even if they’re not yet on the map) by tapping the “ruler” icon in the bottom left corner of the map in our iPhone app.
  6. Have you encountered any map errors regarding sidewalk surfaces, crossings, curbs? You can pin them for review inside the iPhone app, alternatively make a note about it in our mapping group: email to:

Thank you for your help!