Markus Rehm


Paralympian Markus Rehm has been ruled out of competing in the Rio Olympics after failing to evidence that his prosthetic leg does not give him an unfair advantage.

Rehm shot to fame when he won Paralympic gold in 2012, however, he had hoped to become the second athlete with a prosthesis to cross over to the Olympic competition.

Rehm has to prove to the IAAF that his carbon fibre running blade does not give him an unfair advantage over able-bodied rivals. To evidence this, Rehm commissioned his own scientific study which concluded that amputees like him had a less efficient start, but a more effective jump, giving them no clear edge over able-bodied athletes.

The German jumper, whose world record smashing jump at the IPC world title in Doha last year was 9 centimetres longer than gold medallist Greg Ruthorford’s distance at London 2012, still hopes to compete in the 2017 World Championships.

He will now work with the IAAF on a rule change allowing athletes to compete in London next year after what has been described as “extremely constructive and positive” talks with general secretary Jean Gracia.

He still intends to participate at the Rio Paralympics, and is sure to set some new standards in the long jumping competition.