Paracanoe World Championships

Team GB won six medals in the Paracanoe World Championships in Duisburg, Germany this week.

Paracanoeing will make its Paralympics debut in Rio this summer. It is a fast paced and exciting sport that is overseen by the International Canoe Federation.

There are two types of canoe, Kayaks, propelled by a double-blade paddle, and outrigger canoes called Va’as where the boat has a second ‘pontoon’ called an ama as a support float. The boat is propelled by a single blade paddle.

The classifications for participants in paracanoeing are:

  • KL1: Athletes with no or very limited trunk function and no leg function and typically need a special seat with high backrest in the kayak.
  • KL2: Athletes with partial trunk and leg function, able to sit upright in the kayak but might need a special backrest, limited leg movement during paddling.
  • KL3: Athletes with trunk function and partial leg function, able to sit with trunk in forward flexed position in the kayak and able to use at least one leg/prosthesis.

In Duisburg, Team GB won gold and silver in the in the women’s KL2 200. This was followed up by another gold in the KL3 200 and a silver in the KL1 200. The men’s team also did well, achieving two bronze medals in the men’s KL2 200 final, and the men’s VL3 200 (Va’as).

Well done to all competitors, with extra special mentions to Emma Wiggs, Nicola Paterson, Anne Dickins, Jeanette Chippington, Nick Beighton and Martin Tweedie.

Go Team GB! Rio, we’re coming for you!