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New research released by Activity Alliance highlights the demand for greater training in delivering activities to disabled people. The report, commissioned with support from Sport England, indicates a need for more direct, practical guidance on adapting sports. The findings show that building the confidence and skills of those who deliver sports sessions can lead to more opportunities for disabled people to be active.

Key findings include:

  • There are low levels of awareness and experience of delivering to disabled people among sports deliverers. Only one in four (23%) people surveyed via a national panel have knowingly delivered activity sessions to disabled people.
  • A lack of experience leads to low levels of confidence and interest in delivering to disabled people. Three in five (60%) people with experience said they would feel confident in doing so, compared with a quarter (24%) of those without experience.
  • Awareness of the term ‘inclusive activities’ is inconsistent and often does not include disabled people. Three in five (59%) of those without experience said they had run inclusive sessions, highlighting confusion around the term.
  • More than half (52%) of sports deliverers who were not currently interested in delivering inclusive sessions said they would be much more interested if relevant training was available. They want both general information on the spectrum of impairments and practical guidance on adapting sports.

Para Dance UK welcomes this research, which has identified a number of important areas for organisations to act on to increase the number of sports deliverers who are confident and competent in providing meaningful opportunities for the disability community.

Patrick McGeough, Para Dance UK CEO commented:

“Para Dance UK are working hard alongside our strategic partners to combat the issues raised in this research. We are striving to educate more activity deliverers and empower the workforce to offer positive, welcoming experiences in Dance Sport and the wider Movement and Dance Community .”

To ensure that the Dance community have access to guidance around supporting the disability community in Dance Sport and the wider Movement and Dance community, Para Dance UK not only support on helping different genres to be accessible to the wider community.

We also offer out Inclusive Dance Training, created to give dance teachers who wish to open their services to all abilities, those involved with sports and social groups and people with a focus on disability and the care environment a foundation understating of enabling everyone to be active in Dance and Dancesport. This interactive course raises awareness of the crucial role Instructors and  Dance teachers to play in helping the disability community overcome additional barriers they may face when choosing whether to participate in Dancesport and physical activity. Mixing eLearning and practical training within this course enable individuals to increase their knowledge, assurance and skills to confidently support the disabled community to dance no matter what the genre or ability of the individual.

Sarah, who completed the course said: “I was really impressed with how much content was covered by the course. The fact it was so practical to ensure lots of learning took place. The instructor had so much personal experience and examples to draw from which was so beneficial and really enriched the training.

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Para Dance UK is the National Governing Body for Para Dance Sport in the UK. Our aim is to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country for those who would otherwise be excluded. Para Dance UK work is split into four strands:

  • Voice – the NGB for Para Dance Sport in the UK setting and enforcing rules as given by IPC and represent the UK, internationally within the Para Dance Sport community.
  • Professional – creating performance opportunities to showcase members or athletic development aiming for Team GB.
  • Community – providing bespoke workshops/programmes in social care, healthcare, education and community care settings.
  • Learning – providing training with the view of more accessible, inclusive lessons and sessions taking place around the UK that are safe and fun

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