Home exercise for children, young people, and adults with limb difference. These dance resources mean that everyone can join in!

LimbPower is excited to announce a programme of 10 Pre-recorded dance videos produced for the charity by Para Dance UK and funded by the Irving Memorial Trust. These ten ‘inclusive’ dance videos have been divided into three categories, children and young people, families, and older people to reflect the demographics of the limb loss and limb different community. We have also developed seated and standing versions to further meet the mobility needs of the community we serve.

Disabled people have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with many feeling that they do not have the opportunity to be as physically active as they would like to be compared to non-disabled people, citing fear of contracting the virus, impact on their health, lack of space and lack of support to exercise at home.

These pre-recorded dance videos overcome these barriers as they can be used at the participant’s convenience at home, with clear instruction on how to follow the session and they do not require a lot of space or equipment like other sports and physical activities.

Kiera Roche, Chief Executive Officer of LimbPower, says: “The mental and physical health of our community members is paramount, particularly during this second lockdown. These virtual dance classes will help the community to get moving, improve their fitness and have some fun during these challenging times.”

This was backed up by Para Dance UK Chief Executive Officer Patrick McGeough who said  “Dance is a powerful tool that can inspire and engage all of our community to be creative, active and above all fun! Working with LimbPower has meant that we can enable a wider community to be involved in dance and know they not on their own no matter where they do these videos be it at home, in a care home or a youth group. Keeping people socialising and active especially at we are seeing more isolation due to the impact of Covid -19  is extremely important for all of us.”

Each virtual dance class is around 30 minutes long and are available to watch on Vimeo.


Kids 2 Standing                           https://vimeo.com/510597829/70875896aa
Kids 3 Standing                           https://vimeo.com/510328041/1a68890277

Family 2 Standing                      https://vimeo.com/509798049/5b7a4ed718
Family 3 Seated                          https://vimeo.com/510691940/abe2a9831f

Older 1 Seated                            https://vimeo.com/510695889/10c1995675
Older 2 Seated                            https://vimeo.com/509952738/fd914ebfd2
Older 3 Standing                        https://vimeo.com/509959868/d004fa0bf1