On Friday 7th May 2021 Para Dance UK proudly launched the incredible mash up dance video that nine SEN schools in London had come together to create as the BIG school SEND Dance project came to a close.

The project had started back in 2020 where Para Dance UK and Alexandra Palace joined forces to bring SEN schools in London an amazing, creative dance project to keep children active during such a challenging year.

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Thanks to funding from the London Community Response Fund, Heritage Fund, Haringey London and the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation the project was completely free to access and each school who signed up was given a dance pack which included four dance videos all linked to artists that had previously performed at Alexandra Palace. These were accompanied with creative videos that included make up, props, costume and set design that they could use to perfect their final routines. At the end of the project each school chose their favourite routine to record and put their own stamp on it. We then put all of the videos together and made a massive mash-up.


 We are incredibly proud and inspired by all of the wonderful schools and children who took part in the project and are excited to announce that we will be releasing six free pre-recorded dance videos on the 7th June that any SEN school can sign up to, to keep you dancing throughout the summer months. All you need to do is register using the link below


This will lead into our amazing dance competition which we will be launching in September for all SEN Schools in London and surrounding areas. Further information regarding this will be up on our website soon! So keep your eyes peeled.