National Sporting Heritage Day 2021

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In Partnership with Sporting Heritage this year for National Sporting Heritage Day 2021 and thanks to funding from Sport England to celebrate we held an Inclusive Day of Dance for everyone to get involved in. Throughout the day Para Dance UK Instructors took the lead with easy-to-follow dance routines from a range of genres. This year’s theme was to Inspire, Share and Celebrate.

Our Inclusive Dance Day was a perfect opportunity for everyone of every age and ability to move their body and celebrate the amazing benefits of dance.

It was wonderful to see so many different people involved in the day, enjoying dance in many forms.

Panel Discussion

We were joined by some influential representatives for an interesting and engaging discussion.

Richard Evans, Strategic Lead: Disability & Inclusion – England Netball

Mark Winder, Chief Executive Officer – Goalball UK

Kiera Roche – Chief Executive Officer – LimbPower

Rick Rodgers, Founder, and Chair, ParaCheer International

Belinda Scarlett, National Sporting Heritage Day Campaign Lead, Sporting Heritage CIC

Katie Goodwin, National Membership Representative, Para Dance UK

Patrick McGeough, Chief Executive Officer, Para Dance UK

The discussion was centered around three topics:

  1. How can we encourage and inspire young people to try different Para Sports?
  2. How do we or can we identify young talent?
  3. How Para Dance Sport can be a social leisure activity

Evolution of Para Dance Sport

The Evolution and Progression of Para Dance Sport video shows the journey of where Para Sports came from and how they developed to include para dance, and then how that has evolved and progressed. The video includes background to why the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association UK (WDSA UK) was formed and how it developed into Para Dance UK.