Communications with Katie

We are a disability positive employer.  We support both volunteers and staff with disabilities by providing any adjustments they need to be successful in their role.

By Phone

Call 07465 408081, Please leave a message, Katie will usually respond within 1 week.  

Email will be monitored and administered on Katie’s behalf by our Board Secretary, all email correspondence will be sent to Katie, for her to respond to. If you would like to request a call back please ensure you include your full contact details. 

Katie will usually respond within 2 weeks, however, if there is a delay we’ll do our best to communicate delays as soon as we can. 


To contact Katie via letter, please send your enquiry to Lemarie Centre for Charities, 524 St Albans Road, Watford, Herts

Please ensure to address your envelope to Para Dance UK, National Rep to ensure the post is forwarded directly to Katie without delay. 

Due to current guidelines, home working and other COVID related delays, letter responses may be delayed. 


If you have a complaint please email