Motivational Inclusion Project

Across the UK there is a wide range of individuals across the Disability community support or getting involved in Sport and Physical Activity whether that be at a local class, to individual challenges through to National and international competitions.

During Covid, a number of these opportunities to engage and support were suspended face to face but what was happening was we did start to hear people’s stories about what they feel they have achieved and how their stories inspire others to have fun and be active.

“Inclusion and diversity has always been difficult to promote. There seems to be a massive drive and hype to do something, and a real eagerness to achieve, but when it really comes to it, promises of legacy are never achieved. That said, without inspirational people and inspirational groups, clubs, national governing bodies, and other organisations, who continuously promote inclusion and diversity in the community, there would be fewer opportunities for individuals to empower and impact on their daily life.” Andy Cradock, Birmingham Wheelchair Basketball.

There seems to be a massive drive and hype to do something, and a real eagerness to achieve, but when it comes to it, the general population of the disability communities stories are not being told unless it was a major event or a world record was achieve people did not hear about the amazing stories of individuals who did not want to be an international athlete but did want to keep active and healthy and have fun. That was until now!

Birmingham Wheelchair Basketball, Para Dance UK, and Kronik Warriors with support of Carling Made local funding. Have come together under a project called “Motivational Inclusion” to inspire, motivate, and talk about how we can all support individuals, groups, and the community, and impact on those groups by sharing stories, experiences, which promote inclusion and diversity

Patrick McGeough CEO of Para Dance UK said “We have come together to show that across all of our communities and the wider sector that there is an opportunity for people to be active  whether at home, in a studio or the park we can all get inspiration to be active from somewhere and we are giving a voice to some of those that may not always get a chance to tell their stories “

For more information on the project and to hear from the 3 project partners points of you on what inspires and motivates them or you want to try Dance, Wheelchair BasketBall, Wheelchair Boxing  then please follow the link the project will grow a selection of interviews with a range of people to share their stories and we will continue to add more stories each month if you would be interested in being one of our stories then contact

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