Para Dance Uk LogoThe 11th July 2020 would have seen our 9th annual National Championships taking place at Centre for Sport Bristol UWE.

Attracting athletes from every corner of Britain, our annual event is the moment to demonstrate and reward athlete’s hard work and progress. It is also the chance to uphold inclusivity and acceptance, and all the things that constitute the ethos of our community. Ultimately, it is where we meet, make new friends, and have fun.

Because of the current situation it wasn’t possible to hold our National Championship this year. Do we let that get us down?

Absolutely not!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate and DANCE!

Our staff and athletes created this inspiring video to make it possible to be together today in spirit. Featuring symbolic dance moves from various members of our family, the video conveys the message of hope that we’ll be free to safely meet again next year in order to compete, award medals, and celebrate everyone’s amazing achievements! Last year’s Championship saw 58 athletes taking part and we expected up to 70 this year, as we expand our reach and vision.

For now, the 2020 National Championships will be celebrated with a great song that carries an important message as we look forward to a better day!

Keep an eye on out the socials for some great championship memories!

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