Para Dance UK the NGB for Para Dance Sport and Inclusive Dance and LimbPower the National Disability Sports Organisation for amputees and individuals with limb impairments have come together with Youth Sport Trust to enable more of our community to dance, using the knowledge of both organisations we have developed materials for children, young people and the wider community that may not or cannot get out into the community, but still want to keep active.

The four dance cards have been developed so they can be used by an individual or in a school or community setting and involves engaging and easy to follow routines that are accessible and fun. They support strength, balance, and flexibility and help to improve energy levels and mood. Each one is adaptable to an individual’s abilities, so people can simply take them at their own pace.

“LimbPower are thrilled to be working with Para Dance UK and the Youth Sport Trust to bridge the gap between hospital rehabilitation and community and school activity for children. Dancing is an incredible medium of expressing to improve both physical and mental health and also supports inclusion and social interaction. These resources really are for everyone and everyone really can dance”, Said Kiera Roche, CEO LimbPower.

Designed for children and young people, the Dance cards are a free resource available to download and can be used individually or as a resource that schools or youth groups can use to keep everyone active. This can be accessed via  or you can access them via the Para Dance UK page  or via the LimbPower page

These popular routines can be followed individually, with friends and family or added to existing group activities (in line with national restrictions).  For example, you could start or round off a kids club, reading group, yoga, arts and crafts sessions or anything else that people enjoy as a regular social activity, virtually or physically as permitted.

“We were pleased to work with LimbPower  to enable access to a wide range of physical activities that include dance that people can access  and gives simple clear instructions and choice is important to ensure that dance is accessible to all” Said Patrick McGeough, CEO Para Dance UK

Let’s get everyone dancing and showing that whether you go to school or a dance class or just meeting with friends we can all have fun and keep active through dance.

Para Dance UK and LimbPower have developed a range of other opportunities for the community to be active you can find out more via the Para Dance Website   or the LimbPower website