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They had a very interesting discussion on ITV Loose Women recently, about disability and if it is acceptable to be asked by a stranger about your disability? It got me thinking; I personally don’t mind being asked.

I feel that if you tell them then their understanding and knowledge is better and then with the next disabled person they meet, they will already have an understanding. People may not understand that everyone is different, but perhaps some understanding is better than none.  I also think that people are more likely to see the person. I will never know the reason I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I am just Katie.

I strongly believe that by simply being out and about, doing things, and being part of the community, can tremendously promote disability awareness.  People see what I can do, rather than what I can’t do.  The more disabled people are seen, then the more they are accepted, and the more normalised the situation becomes.  Actions speak louder than words.

If can help people understand and show that everything is possible and I am just like them really, then I have done something positive.

These are a few comments that my friends have made on this discussion:

I talk about mine if people ask, like you I am me, cant change it so like you i live with it as best i can.

Such an interesting point. I have been speaking about this recently. I have found that it depends on how people ask. I have experienced people being quite rude and intrusive when asking about my disability, but it is different when people want to genuinely learn understand and be helpful. Thank you for sharing hope you are well.

I don’t mind being asked politely, but I think it’s hard as for some people they could have a lot of trauma about the reason they’re disabled. Also people have no right to feel like they can ask for my medical history.

I mean strangers. If you’re a friend of a person with a disability then it’s different

Great points. These got me thinking, how about you and your thoughts?