The countdown is on to the UK’s First Inclusive Dance Festival and Third National Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition.

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) (WDSA (UK)) is happy to announce the official Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition in the UK and the first Inclusive Dance Festival, taking place on Saturday 22nd October 2016.

The event, being run by the WDSA (UK), with partners The Unlimited Company from Simply Health will take place at in Hertfordshire at Wodson Sports Park in Ware.

The day will be split into two sections the morning is an Inclusive Dance Festival open to anyone, this is your chance to shine and showcase your talent! Young or old that would like to dance and perform to show that we can all dance and be active.

The afternoon is the UK National Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition, including beginner level right up to the best the UK has to offer in the world of wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport.

Dr Steve Brain, WDSA (UK) Medical Director said: “This is the first time we will take dance across all abilities, not just those who qualify for the dance sport. We want everyone together showing the how many barriers dance can break.”

With the Paralympics in Rio in 2016, public interest in the sport is at an all-time high, and a high level of competition is expected. Spectator tickets are also available to see this amazing sport and the dedication of its athletes.

Come along and find out more about what wheelchair dance sport and inclusive dancing is all about. We also would like to say thank you for funding by the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation’s London Luton Airport Ltd fund.

Dance is open to all and the WDSA (UK) is looking forward to showing that everyone can dance with support from our patrons Karen and Kevin Clifton, Gary Edwards, Neil and Katya Jones, Christa Udell, Rashmi Becker, Adam Edwards, Mik Scarlett, Trishna Bharadia, Phillip Wylie, Gyles Brandreth and Kavman all who have signed up to making dance accessible to all and this event is the next stage in this development.

To compete at the National Competition or perform at the Festival you can access entry paperwork via the website . The entry deadline is September 5th 2016.

To buy your ticket for this fantastic Competition, Sponsor this amazing event or exhibit, call 0300 111 3045 or email

Oct 22nd National Comp Poster