How Business Can Help Us

Brian, aged 12, attended a Para Dance UK workshop at his school. Over time his involvement made him more animated with his arm movements and vocally. The effect carried through to other areas of Brian’s work at school. The school staff were amazed.    

    ‘‘ It was as if you had unlocked a section of his brain.”                                                                                                                                           Brian’s head teacher, who went on to undertake an instructor training course to bring the benefits to more children.


Are you a business that is looking for that opportunity to make a difference to peoples lives? If so, read on…


Whether you are a small local business or a large national corporate, working in partnership with us can bring great benefits to your company, your staff and your customers. These are just some of the benefits of partnering with us:

   • It motivate staff and encourages team building great staff engagement opportunities to aid personal development and boost staff morale
   • You can reach new audiences and drive sales
   • It gives you positive PR
   • Helps to enhance your brand profile Demonstrating your company values and commitment to your customers, employees and local community on an issue that is a genuine national cause
   • Sets yourselves apart from competitors
   • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
   • Enables you to make a difference and allow ‘’Everyone to Dance’’

We would welcome you to be part of our team and help provide more opportunities for people to participate in Dance. We believe in true corporate partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We are extremely grateful to our corporate partners who are really helping to make a difference.

The following are ways in which you can support us. To discuss any of these partnership opportunities or to talk about any other ways you can support Para Dance UK please contact us at


Partnering with us as your chosen Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to get your whole company working towards one goal, increase motivation, staff loyalty and team working. We can give you ideas to meet the interests or abilities within your company from a traditional bake sale to a team challenge across Peru.

Having us as your Charity of the Year, will provide a focus for all your activities to get excited about, bringing together staff, customers and clients in a common goal, whilst raising money for Para Dance UK and having a great deal of fun doing so.

Working with us offers the whole range of benefits outlined above, and we can support you by:

  • Supplying innovative but simple fundraising tips and ideas.
  • Providing an online fundraising facility via Virgin Money Giving.



Sponsorship is a fantastic way to support Para Dance UK whilst achieving a route to market and generating great brand awareness amongst your customers and our supporters – two names are better than one!

There are three ways you can help us with your sponsorship:

   1. Direct sponsorship of our annual National Championships – This year being held in Bristol bringing competitors and supporters from all over the country.
   2. Direct sponsorship of Team GB – This will support the costs of supporting our team compete abroad, and allow more people to be involved.
   3. General sponsorship to support the general work that we do such as our Inclusive Conference, Para Dance wheelchairs, Inclusive Dance Training courses, dance days and taster sessions.

For full details of these opportunities download our Sponsorship Pack here or contact us at and we can send you the Pack.

Together we can deliver a partnership that meets your marketing objectives and values whilst raising vital funds for Para Dance UK. We want to work with you to provide a package that is suitable for your business.



Why not encourage staff to organise a fundraising event? This is an excellent way to develop skills among your workforce such as team work, building initiative, confidence boosting, developing leadership, etc.

Why not host a day dedicated to Para Dance UK and raise funds and awareness about what we do whilst having fun doing so?

You could even enter a team in a local or National event, whether it be in a walk, run or cycle, or see how they respond to a tough mudder. Alternatively, they could organise an event of their own or take up a team challenge with our challenge partners.

Let your staff be creative and let their imagination run wild!

For more information go to our Fundraising pages here or contact us at



Gifts in kind and pro bono professional support help keep our running costs low, our efficiency high and ensure more funds go directly towards helping ‘’Everyone to Dance’’. There are a number of ways you can help.

We have a ‘wishlist’ of items we would like, which will help us run the charity as efficiently as possible. Items range from IT equipment, office supplies through to new curtains for our dance studio.

You can also support us by donating goods or services that we can use to help us in our fundraising, either as a raffle prize or ‘money can’t buy’ auction prizes.

Another way that companies choose to partner with us and engage staff is by using their wealth of experience and knowledge and offering pro bono professional support. It could be anything from offering web design or graphic design work through to HR advice or legal advice. 

If you think your business can assist with product, prize donations or pro-bono services then please get in touch to discuss on .We will work with you to ensure the process is mutually beneficial in the same way we do with all corporate supporters



Introduce us to any of your business partners who you feel may be interested in what we do and may wish to also support us.

Share us / connect with us on LinkedIn 



If you do not already have a Payroll Giving scheme in place, it is a simple way to enhance employee fundraising.

Payroll giving (also known as Give As You Earn or Workplace Giving) is a tax free and flexible way for employees to make donations to charity straight from their gross pay (i.e. before tax is deducted, but after National Insurance is taken off), so Para Dance UK automatically gets more, regardless of what level of tax the employee pays.

For a basic-rate taxpayer, they pay 80p for every £1 donation. For higher-rate taxpayers, it's 60p, and for additional-rate taxpayers, it's 55p. In other words, Para Dance receives the tax that they would have paid, on top of what they are actually paying, ie, the full £1.

As The employer you must have a scheme in place. If you do not have one set up it is a simple process run through automated payroll systems. The Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO) ( )may be able to help.

Unfortunately, self-employed sole traders can't access payroll giving.