The coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19) has led to an unprecedented public health crisis and government advice to stay at home since 23rd March. 

This has affected everyone across the UK, and Para Dance UK is no exception.  Since the lockdown was announced we have been working behind the scenes to:

  1. Ensure that our employees, volunteers and service users were safe and continue to remain safe during lockdown;
  2. We’ve contacted our funders to understand what their expectations are of us;
  3. And we are exploring ways to deliver our services remotely in the future.

As we continue to work on our plans, we will keep you up to date on this webpage.

A message from our Chair, Roberta Beaton

Roberta.jpgCoronavirus has meant a huge amount of change in a very short period of time which has affected every single person in the UK and many millions of people across the world.  A new disease emerging is scary for everyone, but even more so for disabled people who may be living with complex or multiple disabilities and communication needs.

To our disabled service users, we want you to know that we are here for you, and will shortly be providing services so that you can continue to enjoy dancing from home.

It’s likely that the disabled community will be shielding and isolating beyond the easing of lockdown.  Many online services are likely to begin diminishing as society returns to more face to face activities over time.  We’re determined to ensure that disabled people have services beyond the easing of lockdown so that everyone can continue to enjoy movement and dance.

To our instructors, we are trailing ways to work with disabled service users via video whilst social distancing continues.  We will work with you to share what we have learned and provide advice on how to run inclusive and safe dance sessions.

To our prospective instructors, we are developing new ways to provide our inclusive dance training which meets government advice about social distancing.  We will post the information on our website.

To our supporters, now more than ever we need your support.  Please consider sponsoring us, volunteering for us or spreading the word about what we do.

Although this pandemic is worrying, please know that we are in it together and we’re committed to start running our services again shortly. If you have any suggestions about how we can support you please do get in touch at / telephone 0300 111 30 45.  We are here for you.

Stay safe and stay well.

Roberta Beaton

Chair of The Board of Trustees

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.
While Para Dance UK is not qualified to provide guidance beyond what the government has issued here is a round-up of useful sites.

NHS Guidance and Health Advice
The NHS website provides information on what the coronavirus is, what the risks are and how to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus, including advice on staying at home.

COVID-19 UK Government Guidance 
Find out the number of cases and risk level in the UK, what to do if you have symptoms, and what the government is doing about the virus.

Guidance for Educational Establishments
This guidance will assist SEN schools and other educational settings in providing advice for disabled pupils, students, staff and parents or carers regarding COVID-19

How does this affect Para Dance UK

Lemarie Centre, Watford Headquarters
Staff have transitioned to remote working and our Head Office building is closed. All staff are now set up to work from home and, whilst we will continue to man switchboard remotely, the easiest way to contact us will be via email.

Contact list

We want to stay in touch with you as much as possible during this continued and difficult time. Para Dance UK staff are still here and working remotely, and as with you all, trying to continue with normality as much as we can.  We have tried to overcome connectivity challenges as much as possible, but as before, please allow a little more time for responses due to adjusted working access.

General enquiries

Media & Marketing enquiries

HR & Volunteering Enquires

Bursary Applications

Complaints& appeals 

Classification Enquiries

Board of Trustees Enquiries  

Fundraising Enquires

Affiliated Instructor Support

National Representative


As a result of the ongoing government advice on social distancing, avoiding gatherings and working from home where possible we have confirmed that the National Championship taking place on 11th July 2020 has been postponed. Due to the ongoing developments we have not been able to confirm dates and we will continue to monitor the government advice with regards to high risk participants before any dates are agreed.

National Championship & Classifications

We understand that preparations need to be made before competing and we will ensure that you have adequate preparation time before the next event, so please don’t worry about this aspect.

International Competitions

 Follow the advice from the British Paralympic Association, IPC and World Para Dance Sport  no international Para Dance Sport Championship dates have been confirmed  and we continue to have ongoing discussions with the above agencies regarding the safe return to competition for our National Team and other UK international Para Dance Sport Athletes,


 As a result of the government advice on 16 March to increase social distancing, avoid gatherings and to work from home where possible, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone all courses and events from Monday 23 March 2020 to 1st July 2020. We shall continue to review these decision during and post this timeline and shall where possible inform you of new dates when we are able to set them in line with government advice.

Para Dance Sport & Inclusive Dance local Classes

We are aware that many of our participants are shielding with extended dates and fall into the ‘clinically’ or ‘extremely’ vulnerable categories and this will mean that our periods of isolation will far outreach those of the general public. When the government made the announcement regarding the lockdown and social distancing measures, we requested all of our groups close under the government’s advice. We realise this had a profound impact on our members, athletes and instructors and we are working with all of our groups to look at new and innovative ways classes can be offered remotely both in the short and long term so we can all still be active in dance. We would recommend you continue to contact your local instructor to see what services are being provided

We would like to remind all members that we have not yet been officially informed that it is either safe or permissible to reopen dance studios. 

Therefore we would strongly advise that groups do not reopen until they are able to do so safely and in line with government advice. We will be monitoring government guidance on your behalf and issuing relevant guidelines as soon as practically possible. We would ask that in these unprecedented times you adhere to the available guidance to stay safe and protect yourselves and your pupils.

This is a challenging time for us all, and so we are working to do what we can to improve our communications and social interactions and hopefully keep us all dancing so watch this space!