Foyle Activity Pack

Video links for live demonstrations for all scripted materials included within the pack: Introduction and breathing exercises, 3 Examples of warm ups, 6 Examples of routines and 3 examples of cool downs:

Introduction and Breathing Exercises:

Warm up Example 1 Seated

Warm up Example 2 Standing

Warm up Example 3 Standing

Routine Example 1 Standing In Private Dusty Springfield

Routine Example 2 Seated Songbird Eva Cassidy

Routine Example 3 Seated Congratulations Cliff Richard

Routine Example 4 Standing All Time Love Will Young

Routine Example 5 Standing All Shook Up Cheyenne Jackson

Routine Example 6 Standing Copacabana Barry Manilow

Cool Down Example 1 Standing

Cool Down Example 2 Seated

Cool Down Example 3 Standing