Everyone Can Dance

Whether it’s flirting with the Cha-Cha or twisting the tempo with a tango, our message is simple: Everyone Can Dance. 

About the campaign

Everyone can dance is a new campaign designed to promote and showcase the power and joy of inclusive dance. Using a person-centred approach, our qualified instructors utilise their experience working towards inclusivity. We are setting out with the aim to make dance and access to dance inclusive,  to show everyone that no matter you’re ability or disability, you can dance.

How can i dance?

Being able to dance is not contingent on being able to stand up straight. There is a common misconception that people with disabilities can’t take part or need separate sessions rather than being included.  are unable to dance. A wheelchair user watching Strictly might dream of being able to foxtrot or jive their way across the floor, but never realise that dream can be made a reality. ‘Everyone can dance’ is here to show the world that no matter your ability or disability, you can tango with the best. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

How does it work?

We have an easy to use Find a Group page where you can locate a local dance group along with instructors in your area. Simply tap in your postcode to get started. Once you have an instructor’s contact details (listed on the site), you can get in touch via phone or email. This is the best time to ask them any questions you may have, as well as letting them know if you’re interested in joining their group. Once you join a group, the fun can begin and you can start to dance! You can read more about how to join in here.

I want to try, but I’m nervous

‘Everyone can dance’ is designed to showcase the joy of inclusive dance. All classes are open to all abilities. Our instructors are experts in their field, our classes are accessible, and everyone is welcoming and friendly.

Dancing is fun!

Not only is it a great way to stay active, but it teaches new skills and helps you meet people with common interests. You can bring a friend (we encourage you to!) and if you’re still unsure our handy FAQs page here can also help.