The Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge is a community initiative set up by the Centre for Voluntary Services (CVS). The idea is to link students from schools and colleges with local businesses and charities. The Challenge offers Year 12 A Level students the opportunity to experience setting up and running a business as well as gaining organisational and job related skills and learning about the work and beneficiaries of their designated charity. Team’s of students are matched a local business mentor (Dragon) and a local charity. In this case Team Empire from Queen’s School in Watford were matched with the WDSA (UK). Their goal was to turn £100 into £1,000 or more.

After months of meetings and events Team Empire, who were congratulated at an Awards event at Parmiters School last week, eventually made over £3000 for the WDSA (UK). One notable event was a Quiz Night held in Bushey, to which over 100 people turned up.

Thank you to all of Team Empire for your hard work!