Free Membership

Para Dance UK is introducing an all-new free membership. This is for people looking to support the charity in helping to promote activities in your area, fundraise for/with us or just wanting monthly news and updates from Para Dance UK. As part of the free membership you will receive:

  • Monthly e-newsletters with information and updates from Para Dance UK and our partners.
  • Alerts on new dance classes/groups in your area.
  • Opportunities to fundraise for Para Dance UK.

If you would like to sign to become a free member, sign up below.

Competitive Register

Please note that if you want to compete in Para Dance Sport, you will need to register as a competitor. Registering with us ensures that your points are registered and gives you the opportunity to then compete in approved UK Regional and National competitions. It is also worth checking with your instructor to see if they have the qualifications to teach Para Dance Sport and they intend to take a group of dancers to competitions.

Click Here to register as a competitor, complete and return this form to