How to Join In

Step One: Search

With our easy-to-use Find A Group page you can find all the local groups and instructors in your area by simply typing in your postcode.

Step Two: Contact

Using the instructor’s contact details listed on the site. You can phone or email them and ask them questions or express interest in joining their group. Our instructors will strike up a friendly conversation and give you extra details you might not have seen on the site.

Some questions you might want to ask are: 

  • How many people are in the group already?
  • What style of dance do you mostly cover?
  • How long are your sessions?

Step Three: Dance

You are welcome to join and have fun. Get active by dancing every week. Have a new highlight of your week.


Do I have to be a wheelchair user?

No. All of our classes are open to all abilities.

Can I bring a carer/friend with me?

Yes! In fact, we’d encourage it. We could even get you both dancing.

Is there disabled access to your venues?

Before opening a class to the public we will always ensure the venue is fully accessible. When searching for a local group, get in touch with the instructor and ask specific questions you might have about venues.