A new dance studio for people in wheelchairs has just received a grand unveiling in Watford.


Opened by the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (WDSA) on Wednesday, @Studio524 – so called because of its location on 524 St Albans Road – is primarily a dance studio but can also be used for events such as meetings and presentations.


The head office of the WDSA has been located in the Lemarie Centre for Charities on St Albans Road for four years now.


It was decided that the old meeting room was in desperate need of a make-over, and now it has been completely transformed into a bright new facility to be used by the community.

The studio has been kitted out with a flat screen TV and a full surround sound system, as well as the usual tables and chairs available on request.


The WDSA has already held many successful events in the room, including a dance instructor training course and the association’s own annual general meeting.


It is now hoped that the people of Watford will get to view the sparkling new facilities for themselves when the WDSA opens its doors for an open day on Friday January 27.