To enter you must be signed up to our competitive register. For good training and advice please find an affiliated instructor, it is important before joining a group near you that you ask the instructor whether they intend to take their group to competitions. If you are planning to attend without an affiliated instructor please ensure you understand all the requirements including rules and policies. You can view more rules/policies here. 

National Championships over the last couple of years have had really positive energy around the room. More groups come to the competition event, making the medals more competitive and rewarding to participants. 

This year, the National Championships in 2019 will be held at the University of West England in Bristol on the 22nd of June. 

For further information please see-  Competition Rulebook.

The 2019 Entry Pack will be published in due course. To stay updated with this you can simply stay up to date by becoming a member here.

Team GB competes internationally earning points as they go round the circuit of World Para Dance Sport competitions under the body of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). European and World Championships are held every two years.

Team GB- World Rankings

Team GB is currently ranked 6th for the couples Combi Freestyle Class 2 with 107 points and  Combi Latin Class 2 with 114.40points. Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness are currently representing Para Dance Team GB. If interested in competing for Team GB please email

You can find the current World Rankings on here.

Para Dance UK Championships 2018