Remote Inclusive Dance Activity

This page lists all of the current opportunities to get involved, whether that be through inclusive dance days, pre-recorded videos to do in your own time, or even some zoom sessions you will find all the details below.

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Pre-Recorded Videos

Pre-Recorded Video Links 

We are firm believers that no matter your age or ability music and dance improve mental and physical wellbeing!

We are pleased to be able to continue our funded sessions for you to view within your own setting, whether that is your home, a residential facility, or day service you work at to get yourself and your service users dancing!

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Makaton Videos

Para Dance UK are silver-level accredited in Makaton and we are delighted to share some exciting Makaton pre-recorded inclusive dance videos for you to have a go! Learn a little bit of Makaton through pre-recorded videos at your own pace and why not also invite friends and family to have some fun?

Please click the link below to download the PDF document with all the video links

Access to Dance: Body and Mind. Inclusive Dance Guide

Our popular, comprehensive practical music/movement and dance guide is perfect for individuals, family members, carers and staff in the care sector and organisations. In the dance guide, you will find movements, routines and advice to lead an inclusive dance session of your own!

The content is suitable for all ages, abilities and is fully inclusive: the pack will include a basic, easy-to-follow programme that can help lift your mood, get physically active and create positivity in your everyday life.

The programme will be provided in written format with pictures and will also include live video links so you can see our inclusive dance instructor live in action to help facilitate your personal programme. The best part is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home, within a workspace, care home, day centre, school or anywhere. Just grab the pack and go!

Please click the link below to fill out a short form and we will send you the link to download your free copy of the inclusive dance guide!

Tour of the Floor

Para Dance UK are thrilled to have launched a new online programme, specially designed for social dancers, on getting back into inclusive dance. Para Dance UK’s online programme, Tour of the Floor, will let you explore different dance genres from all over the world and will help get you dancing in a fun and safe way. Tour of the Floor is specially designed for our social dancers getting back into inclusive dance, and now has brand new courses to get your teeth into thanks to funding from the L & Q Foundation.

The super flexible programme is made up of different mini-courses with videos for you to join in with. These videos are full sessions in different genres and all have a warm up, routine and cool down. You can do these videos over and over again if you like!

You can also get creative with Tour Of The Floor with the downloadable resources, by making your own passport with all the stamps relating to the different dance session videos! You might want to build your own dance calendar to give yourself sessions to look forward to, or keep a journal on your journey back into dance.

To sign up
TOTF-LOGO.jpgLitmos is our online e-learning platform where Tour Of The Floor will live and be accessed from.

To sign up for this amazing opportunity, please email with your name and the email address you’d like to use for your Litmos account. We’ll reply to your email with a confirmation and we will attach our helpful Litmos user guide and an outline of what you’ll need to access the programme.

If you’re an athlete and currently use Litmos to access our competitor programme Fit For The Floor, please email us at, as we’ll need to manually add you to the Tour Of The Floor programme.

To make sure you don’t miss your Litmos log in emails and any course related messages, go to your email account and add to any email spam filters you have and/or your contacts list, as all communications will come from that email address.

Fit for the Floor

We’ve worked in collaboration with disabled and non-disabled practitioners in the fitness,LOGO.jpg wellbeing and Dance Sport industries to give athletes a unique programme for getting back into Para Dance Sport after a lengthy time away from training and competitions due to Coronavirus. This has been made possible with funding from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Designed to assist athletes in getting active and fit for when they can return to competition training, the super flexible online programme is made up of different mini-courses, including two body and mind fitness courses with videos for athletes to join in with. These videos are to help increase fitness, strength and stamina and also to help athletes focus, unwind and relax. Athletes can go back and do these videos, again and again, to get competition-ready!

This is open to our Instructors and Competitive Athletes 

Affiliated Instructor Sessions

Para Dance UK Affiliated Instructors Remote Activity 

Below you can see details of sessions being run by our affiliated instructors. 


Dance Card Resources

Para Dance UK the NGB for Para Dance Sport and Inclusive Dance and LimbPower the National Disability Sports Organisation for amputees and individuals with limb impairments have come together with Youth Sport Trust to enable more of our community to dance, using the knowledge of both organisations we have developed materials for children, young people and the wider community that may not or cannot get out into the community, but still want to keep active.

The four dance cards have been developed so they can be used by an individual or in a school or community setting and involves engaging and easy to follow routines that are accessible and fun. They support strength, balance, and flexibility and help to improve energy levels and mood. Each one is adaptable to an individual’s abilities, so people can simply take them at their own pace.

Para Dance Card 1

Para Dance Card 2

Para Dance Card 3 

Para Dance Card 4 

LimbPower - Sit & Grab

LimbPower - Clockwork Fun

LimbPower - Get in the Box

LimbPower - Pot the Ball

Free Inclusive Dance sessions

Adults Online Inclusive Dance Sessions on Mondays 

Join us for a free inclusive online dance club, exclusively open to adults, held every Monday between 10:00 – 11:00. Led by our fantastic instructor, Selina, our sessions take place online via Zoom and will be running until the 19th of December. The sessions are suitable for all abilities and can be done standing or seated. 

Please click the link below to Register and we will send you the Zoom details:

Hertfordshire Adults Online Inclusive Dance Sessions on Wednesdays

To our friends in Hertfordshire, join us for a free inclusive online dance club every Wednesday between 11:00 – 11:45. Led by our lovely instructor Selina, our sessions will take place online via Zoom and will be running until the 14th of June 2023.

Aimed at adults, care home, day centres or groups based in Hertfordshire, we have many different engaging dance genres, movements and great music, providing a perfect opportunity to give yourself a break in the middle of the week with some good vibes and fun! All sessions are free, adaptable and suitable for both standing and seated users.

Please click here to visit our page and Register for the Wednesday Dance Club and we will send you the Zoom details: