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Jump Street’s access has been criticised




Jump Street, the new trampoline park in Chelmsford, has been defending itself following complaints over lack of access for disabled children.



The 55,000 square foot trampoline park which features the world’s largest two trampoline dodgeball courts, opened its doors to the public on December 17, but without proper disabled access.



Hannah Asante, who cares for a nine-year-boy with mitochondrial disease, said she had to struggle to get his buggy up the stairs.



The 33-year-old, who visited Jump Street on February 1 for a special needs party, said: “If he was in a proper wheelchair, there would have been no way I would have been able to enter. I can’t believe, that in this day and age, a new company has been allowed to open with no disability ramps.”



The new 55,000 square foot Jump Street soft play venture on Richmond Road in Dukes Park has been praised for its family-friendly atmosphere that offers something for children of all ages.



But Hannah says their pledge falls short of what special needs children and their carers should expect.





She said: “They advertise for special needs but how can you advertise for it when you don’t accommodate it.



“Once in he had a brilliant time – he absolutely loved it and so did many other children – but many other children won’t be able to get in.



“I had to carry him down and the disabled parking is further way than the normal parking – it’s just ridiculous.



“If I needed to change his pad I would have had to do it on the dirty floor in the toilets – they don’t even provide mats and that’s disgusting.”



In response to Hannah’s complaints Jump Street has said in a statement: “We are currently waiting on an external Stannah platform lift to be installed at Chelmsford as this unfortunately could not be designed until the steps were finished the week before opening.



“They are on site today (February 3) for a further survey.

“We have an internal lift which takes you onto the trampoline floor and café and we also have a baby changing room and a disabled toilet on site.


We believe our new Chelmsford centre, like all our sites, should be encompassing for everyone’s needs and we are working hard to bring this in-line with our company policy as soon as possible. We will update you on this shortly and many thanks for your patience.”



Source: EssexLive News

Original date posted: 5 february 2017.

By: Piers Meyler.