Charity Film Awards 2017

The WDSA (UK) have had one of their films nominated for the newly-launched Charity Film Awards – with the public voting now open.

The Charity Film Awards were launched this year with the aim of celebrating the success of film in fundraising and to increase exposure of charities as well as encourage donations for good causes.

The film nominated is named ‘In One Word, What Does Wheelchair Dance Mean to You?’, or ‘One Word’ for short. It was originally premiered at the WDSA (UK)’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in June 2016. Now being publicly released for all to view the film aims to show audiences a variety of people from across the charity reaping the benefits of the WDSA (UK)’s services.

Marketing and Media Officer, Iain Richards, said, “I’m proud to see the video I put a lot of work into be nominated, I really hope the public get behind it in the voting process and take it forward. We couldn’t have done this without the help of all the volunteers, staff, patrons, members who all wanted to be apart of this film.”

The film features a lengthy list of names including: Sue Cummings (Co-Founder), Patrick McGeough (CEO), Strictly Wheels (Competitors), Karen and Kevin Clifton (Patrons). As well as these names, also featured in the film is Stephen Boyne who was instrumental in the set up of the charity and became an instructor and competed with his sister. Unfortunately, Stephen recently passed away this year. More information on him is celebrated here.

The awards are split into six categories. Five are for films under five minutes in length. These are based on the charity’s turnover for the latest financial year, so everyone has a chance to win an award regardless of the size of the organisation and the budgets available. There will be one category for all films over five minutes in length and an overall winner award for the very best charity film of the year.

After the nomination process, there will be a public vote of all the films entered, which will determine the final shortlist. The winners will then be announced at a gala event in Central London in March 2017.

Cast your vote for the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) here.