Champneys Supporting Para Dance Sport Team GB

Para Dance UK is proud to announce its first supporter of Para Dance Sport Team GB in 2018, the Champneys Charitable Foundation. The Foundation looks to donate money to a larger number of charities and individuals. In the past they have helped purchase specialist equipment such as wheelchairs, play and sensory room equipment, computers and car seats, all of which make a huge difference to the lives of many.

Champneys Charitable Foundation particularly likes to support charities nominated by our guests and also gives the guests the option of donating £2 when settling their bill – all money raised goes to Champneys Charitable Foundation.

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The support given by the Champneys Charitable Foundation to Para Dance UK following a nomination by one of their regular guests, enabled the charity to support Para Dance Sport Team GB to attend the European Championship in 2018 and also support the development of some needed training around Classification and Adjudication.  “This contribution has enabled us to start to build a stronger team to compete in World Para Dance Sport and will enable and inspire others back the sport in the future. We can build a strong and robust Team GB for the future.” said Patrick McGeough, Para Dance UK, CEO.

The support will not end there, Champneys are also in discussion with Para Dance UK to look at how they can enable more inclusive dance activity to be delivered through the many resorts the company has in England and look to enable a stronger opportunity for grassroots individuals to take part and get involved in dance, no matter what their ability or reason is.

“We are delighted to be able to support Para Dance UK to ensure Para Dance Sport Team GB can compete at the European Championships and our judges receiving the required training for Classification and Adjudication.  The Inclusive Dance Community Groups are a wonderful opportunity for young and old to participate.” Said Bev Strong on behalf of the Champneys Charitable Foundation.

Para Dance UK were ecstatic about its support from the Champneys Charitable Foundation, and hope this will encourage future sponsorship opportunities to grow Team GB and also offer local opportunities to those in the community to be active through dance. More sponsors are needed in order to continue to change the lives of many more and to grow as a charity and create more awareness and opportunities for Para Dance Sport and inclusive dance throughout the UK.

If you would be interested finding out more about how you can get involved with the Para Dance Sport Team GB or inclusive dance in general or would like more information on this new support from Champneys, please do not hesitate to call on 0300 11 30 45 or email  or look at our website