The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) are proud to announce that Trishna Bharadia is the latest addition to their Patrons.

Trishna Bharadia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2008 and has become an avid campaigner for raising awareness about the condition, at a local, regional, national and international level. She was thrown into the national spotlight when she danced onto our television screens via the BBC1 show “The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief” in 2015. She has become a positive role model not only for people affected by MS but also for people affected by other chronic conditions and both visible and hidden disabilities.

As someone living with MS herself and who has a huge passion for dance, Trishna understands first-hand the importance of inclusivity and “dance for all.” She regularly attends Zumba classes, where the emphasis is on everyone being able to join in. Following her time on “The People’s Strictly,” she was particularly keen to highlight to people that being able to dance wasn’t contingent on being able to stand upright. She says,

“There are many people with MS who are use wheelchairs and who have said to me that they couldn’t do what I did on Strictly because they use a wheelchair. The WDSA helps to dispel these myths surrounding the ability to dance. Dance can be for everyone!”

Patrick McGeough, CEO of the WDSA (UK), said, “Having such a passionate person like Trishna on board is absolutely fantastic for the charity, we hope to work with her a lot in showing how dance can impact the other charities she supports like the MS society but also engaging all the people she meets in showing that everyone can dance.”