This year, Para Dance have started a corporate charity partnership with leading case management and expert witness firm Bush & Company and are delighted to be working together on the forthcoming Para Dance National Championship.

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Bush & Company work with people across the UK following life changing injuries including Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), amputation, complex orthopaedic injuries and birth injuries and support people going through the legal process with their rehabilitation.

Their support, from over 110 case managers, involves assessing a person’s holistic needs to live a fulfilled life following their injury. The initial involvement includes setting realistic and achievable goals which can include going back to work, rebuilding a social life, interests and hobbies, finding suitable accommodation or adapting existing homes, ensuring suitable equipment is in place to aid function, movement and daily activities as well as co-ordinating access to community and statutory services, therapy providers and specialist services relevant to their injury and needs.

Bush & Company serve the medico-legal sector including solicitors and insurers who refer their clients for specialist case management services and are also renowned for credible, objective, expert witness reports required by the Courts in a legal claim.

This year Bush & Company launched two joint ventures with leading charities, the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) and the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and this has resulted in the launch of two specialist services for children with ABI and adults and children with SCI – The Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service and SIA Case Management. As well as providing injured people with access to the very best case managers across the UK, every referral to the services results in vital funding back into CBIT and the SIA to support everyone that the charities help with support services.

Carly Johns, Marketing Manager at Bush & Company said “Forming a partnership with Para Dance makes absolute sense to us. Not only does it give us an opportunity to fundraise and help spread the word about the great work of Para Dance, the ethos of the charity (Everyone Can Dance) aligns to the way we work with our clients and how we encourage them to achieve their goals, regain independence and have hope for the future.

“We’re really excited about sponsoring the National Championship and a number of staff will be volunteering throughout the day. The competition gives us a chance to see the great work of the charity in action and give back to local communities.”

Patrick McGeough, CEO of Para Dance UK, added “We’ve had a great time working with Bush & Company so far and are delighted they are supporting such an important event for us. To date we have received more than £5,000 from our sponsors to deliver the event which helps us to promote dance as a sport and inclusive leisure activity for those who would otherwise be excluded including those with disabilities.”

The Para Dance National Championship takes place at the Harrow Arts Centre in London on Saturday 27th October and will see more than 50 athletes compete and awarded with trophies and medals.

If you are interested in supporting Para Dance as a sponsor or partner you can contact Para Dance at You can also make a donation on our website Para Dance UK. Alternatively you can become a Free Member through joining our Membership on our website here.