Boost your wellbeing with 10 Today


The research and education charity Demos, in partnership with Sport England, has produced a set of 10-minute audio and video physical activity routines to help older people stay active indoors.

10 Today involves engaging and easy to follow routines that are accessible and fun. They support strength, balance, and flexibility and help to improve energy levels and mood. Each one is adaptable to different fitness levels and can be done standing up or sitting down, so people can simply take them at their own pace.iStock 521209682 10 Today 1

Designed by and for older people, 10 Today is a free resource available to follow online and on several local radio stations. Visit the website where you’ll find all ten routines as well as an introduction to 10 Today designer Terry Keen, 74. plus safety information and terms and conditions.

The popular sessions can be followed individually, with friends and family or added to existing group activities (in line with national restrictions).  For example, 10 Today could start or round off a coffee morning, reading group, yoga, arts and crafts sessions or anything else that people enjoy as a regular social activity, virtually or physically as permitted.

For more information, please visit the 10 Today website at or email

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