Allied Mobility Partner with Para Dance UK

Para Dance UK are proud to announce a partnership with Allied Mobility, the leading wheelchair accessible vehicles specialist for the UK and Ireland.

Allied Mobility supply a wide range of wheelchair cars, MPVs and minibus conversions. A Motability partner, they offer a unique selection of wheelchair cars to private individuals and families. Their larger wheelchair access vehicles are also popular with social and community transport providers. All of their wheelchair accessible vehicles are available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme.

Para Dance UK are a non-profit charity and national body who are passionate about making inclusive dance and Para Dance Sport a regular sport and activity for all. The charity specialises in inclusive dancing and has directly experienced how this has transformed many lives. Para Dance UK goes by the motto that everyone can dance, which has been demonstrated by its top dancers from the Association competing both regionally and nationally. This is why the new partnership with Allied Mobility makes perfect sense, as it allows Para Dance UK to promote dance to more people, providing them with the opportunity to feel included.

Chief Executive Officer, Patrick McGeough states, “This sponsorship opportunity Para Dance UK and Allied Mobility will help us to grow the sport of Para Dance Sport in the UK, their support has laid the foundation for Para Dance UK to develop and provides support to the community to allow more people to active through dance we look forward to this being a long lasting partnership that enables more disabled people to be engaged and be active in the sport and we hope to see this grow and develop in the future”.

If you would be interested in sponsoring Para Dance UK or would like more information on this new partnership with Allied, please do not hesitate to call on 0300 11 30 45 or email or look at our website