Roberta Beaton  – Chair Roberta.jpg

I joined the Board in 2016 to support Para Dance UK with my substantial experience gained through 15 years working within the charity sector.

I started my career working with a grass roots charity in North East England to support learning disabled people to access and enjoy a range of leisure activities. Since moving back to South East England I’ve spent last 12 years working for a major UK charity, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), where I’ve honed my skills in strategic planning, monitoring and risk management. I’m also part of the management committee for the charity special interest group for the Institute of Risk Management.

Since joining the charity sector I wanted to dedicated my career to creating equal access to opportunities for disabled people (whether that be learning disabled or physically disabled) and brings a passion to grow disabled people’s access to and enjoyment of dancing.

Sharon.jpgSharon Bairstow

I have been with Para Dance UK for many years now, starting as an Instructor, then National Rep for a Term and wanted to be more involved so I am now a Trustee and have been for 2 years.  This role and working with Para Dance UK I find very rewarding for the people I work with both in the Governing Body and also those I teach.

I also work with Paediatric Physiotherapy where my Instructor skills have also become very useful in helping those children with programmes to enjoy their exercises within dance.  I my self have competed in both Ice Dance and Ballroom & Latin competitions both nationally and internationally, gaining 3rd place in Ice Dance at our Nationals going on to win a International competition in Denmark, my skating career also took me to compete frequently abroad and also many shows, and I am also a National Champion in both Ballroom & Latin.  I love to share my experience with my pupils and colleagues, in my younger years I have also done ballet & tap which allows me to share many skills.

I will continue to share my knowledge with both Para Dance UK and their members and here’s to being with Para Dance UK for many more years.

Sarah Preston

Sarah.jpgI am a qualified nurse who has worked within the speciality of rehabilitation for over 25 years. My experience is varied having worked in the NHS, the charity sector and most recently the private sector. I bring operational management skills to the team and love helping to create order and easy to use governance procedures. Hope and purpose forms the basis of all successful rehabilitation.   Para Dance gives people enormous hope and purpose and it is delightful to see a totally inclusive policy of inviting everyone to dance in action. I am honoured to be able to be part of the Para Dance team as a Trustee. 

Dana Lapidot


I joined the Para Dance UK Board in 2019 to help support and advance opportunities for disabled people to dance, both for leisure and professionally.

I’m a marketer with experience in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), data and digital. Other areas of focus include data protection and compliance, governance, and project management.

For over a decade I’ve worked within the sports sector for a top-tier Premier League football club. Since then I’ve moved into the Telecom industry, now focusing on customer value management. My academic credentials include degrees in Professional Communication, Business Administration and East Asian studies. Previously I volunteered for a non-profit business consultancy project.

Equality, equity, and inclusion rights in sports activities for disabled people are concepts I strongly support in and am passionate to help promote. As an amateur athlete in my teens I also believe sports and physical activity participation can bring passion and joy to an individual’s life. I’m excited and grateful to be be a part of the Para Dance UK family.

Richard Barlow

Richard Barlow

Richard.jpgI joined the Board of Para Dance UK in November 2020, to support the organisation, particularly in the areas of strategy, fundraising and governance.

I have pursued a career as a solicitor, initially in private practice, and then over the longer term, in-house, which has broadened my skill set in the areas I will now be supporting the Board and membership on, as the organisation moves to its’ next stage of development.

Part of my legal role, with a previous, corporate organisation, was helping to implement the final building access requirements of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act, which brought home to me, in a significant way, the level of challenges that exist for all disabled people and how important it is, to ensure that everyone is entitled to equal access opportunities, in all avenues of life.

I am a member of the House of Commons, Industry and Parliament Trust, which works to promote dialogue between elected Parliamentary representatives and Members of Industry and I also maintain contacts with the Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce, having been on a fact-finding trade mission to Mongolia in 2012.

I live in Weybridge, with Rebecca, my wife and our three children. Both of our sons are now pursuing the next stages of their academic careers, at Nottingham University and our daughter has now embarked on her A level courses. 

I can’t claim to have any great dancing skills I’m afraid, but am happy to learn!  

Catherine Woolfe

profile-picture-may-2020.pngI spent my early career working as an administrator for a number of charities including Understanding Disability Educational Trust, the Cancer Research Campaign and Plan International.  With a desire to develop a more specific set of skills that would be of more use to a charity later on in my career, I moved into the corporate world to specialise in marketing and communications, working for amongst others Volkswagen, E.ON and Collect+.  

Now a Chief Marketing Officer, I have extensive experience of helping businesses to create strong, successful, customer focussed brands and I’m delighted to be able to return to the charity sector to use my skills to support Para Dance UK as a Trustee. I’m looking forward to helping the organisation to develop and promote the brand and take the thought that ‘Everyone can Dance’ to a far wider audience.

In my spare time, I love to travel with my husband to remote corners of the world, although recently spending more time in the UK has nurtured my passion for gardening and spending time with our dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Eddie Longworth

AU_P3_R920_Longworth_A289_KM_20191101_0048a.jpgIn my day job, I advise companies large and small on the future strategy and operational models that will help them to achieve their goals. I work mainly in the insurance claims sector and I bring expertise and experience that includes an in-depth understanding of organisational challenges, servicing customers and modern technology opportunities in communications and management

I am sure that this background will enable me to help Para Dance to define and achieve their growth plans and to provide a great service to their members, clients, and the wider community

In my spare time, I am a competitive ballroom dancer on the open amateur circuit, so I also bring a passion for all things dance-related and I am sure I will be helping to explore and develop our dance capabilities and community participation in our activities.