Meet the Volunteers

We are extremely fortunate to be supported by so many wonderful volunteers, our work couldn’t continue without them! 

Charlotte Doe – Admin Volunteer


I used to dance with Para Dance UK, I loved the accessible dancing for the feel good factor of being apart of a team. Having a background in dance with Chicken Shed Theatre Company, it felt like a natural step for me to become part of the office team. I enjoy working on the computer in the office alongside my supportive team. 

Niranjan Mendonca = Governance advisor 


I am a senior Finance, Marketing and Governance professional with international experience in large Corporations across multiple countries. I look forward to supporting Para Dance UK using my wealth of knowledge and perspectives that add great value to the Governance team. 

Angie Goddard – Admin Volunteer

Originally from South Africa, I have been living, working and studying in London for the past 10 years.  After completing my Angie-Goddard-scaled.jpgPerforming Arts degree at London Metropolitan University, I developed a great interest in promoting and being involved with inclusive dance practices. I then joined Candoco’s Youth Dance Company, where I was able to collaborate with young dancers both with and without disabilities for 3 years. Having performed across the UK with various companies – including the Pascal Theatre Company, the Conway Collective, Yael Flexer for MOTUS, and the Bee Friendly Trust – I am now volunteering with Para Dance as an administrator in order to build new relationships and gain more experience behind the scenes.

Chrisa Theodoraki – Copywrite Volunteer


I am a London-based copywriter reformed digital nomad with a secret espresso addiction. 

Several moons ago I studied Journalism and did my Masters degree in International Relations at SOAS. I have also studied balled, ISTD modern, contemporary, jazz dance and Pilates and performed on stage during my college years. 

Nowadays I may have no muscle memory, but I doodle about dance, art, travel, beauty, health and lifestyle ,and all the positive things that improve our lives. My dream is a world where everyone is given a fair chance to follow their passion and shine. 


Pratibha Dewett – Digital Marketing Volunteer

Pratibha-Priya-Image.jpgI am the Digital Marketing Manager at Para Dance UK supporting the other team members in trying to ensure that the message of #EveryoneCanDance is delivered to the wider community.

I think dance offers multiple opportunities for creativity and self-expression besides helping express emotions, improve cognitive knowledge, uplift moods and self-esteem. It is a simple yet an immensely powerful tool – the benefits of which only further push me to deliver the #EveryoneCanDance message.

I have been working in multiple industries (media/food) as the Marketing Manager. I have helped launch multiple Food brands in new countries. I have worked in multiple geographies and have always been passionate about serving communities to help make a difference.

Perla Garcia – Graphic Design Volunteer

PerlaG_GD-copy.jpgI work in different projects and events as creative graphic designer for different customers and charities across all visual assets from digital to print, my love for dance started when i studied classic ballet for many years and i was born in Mexico where dance is part of the culture especially latin music, I worked as a volunteer with the Mexican Ballet Company and I believe that dance makes the world happier and united. 


Patrizia Bitonti – Marketing Volunteer

Patrizia-scaled.jpgI grew up in a house where music was a part of everyday life. One of my two brothers loved to sing Italian songs on a microphone and the other loved playing the guitar.  My Dad would join in with a harmonica and he still play today at the age of 87. We listened to all types of music and, as a child, I would jump and move to the sound. Despite not having any dance classes in my local village, I developed a passion for dance through my family’s love of music and my imagination.

Nearly four decades later my passion for dance continues. I recently started a new class. And after each lesson, I feel better. My physical, mental, and emotional health always improves. I truly believe that dancing in any form is a must!

I recently joined Para Dance and am helping to spread the divine message: ‘#everyonecandance’.  So please if you are feeling this vibe inside, just follow it and start dancing.


John Allen – Marketing Volunteer

John.jpgI am an award-winning writer, digital content manager and mental health at work consultant. I have worked with organisations including Mind and on international campaigns including Time to Change. I like to volunteer my time and help people where I can.

I began learning to dance in 2012 before stopping when a Salsa instructor told me I ‘had no rhythm’. Dejected, I left dancing until 2017 when I joined a ballroom and Latin class. The new instructor was appalled when I told him of the Salsa experience and said “There is no such thing as a bad student, only a bad teacher.” I didn’t believe him until I successfully learned a range of styles including Tango, Jive, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Rhumba and Quickstep. I’m not going to win any international awards, but I love the fact that as a visually impaired guy… I can dance. So much for ‘no rhythm.’